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What we do

iSP portals

MAS provides technical support for interactiveSPares ™ users as well as content creation or even complete management and implementation for iSP™ portals.

Technical Illustration

Mechanical Animation Services draws on almost 30 years of experience in the manufacturing world to provide a technical illustration service in tune with manufacturers.

CAD Services

Mechanical Animation Services offers CAD services in the main categories: Red Line services, Mechanical detailing and manufacturing prints, Mechanical Concepting and Manufacturing planning.


We assist you in all your process


We assist you in all your process

MAS provides technical support, planning and feature guidance for companies using the Interactive SPares™ web-based solution. Support is available by email at any time or by phone Monday through Friday 6 AM to 7PM eastern standard time (USA). MAS provides technical support and operates the system full time for multiple customers. MAS provides implementation, maintenance, hierarchy management and graphics services for use in the Interactive SPares™ system. We offer our experience as well as providing a direct line of access to the program knowledge for the system.

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My Story

Mechanical Animation since 2016

MAS started by concentrating on service manuals and technical illustrations for industrial machinery. With a THAT’S COOL WE CAN DO THAT mindset MAS has grown and expanded by adding more graphical capabilities to the mechanical and manufacture knowledge Steve brings to the table.