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Mechanical Detailing & Manufacturing Print

Don’t have your engineers spending time making manufacturing or process drawings while new projects slip away to your competitors. MAS has the knowledge and experience to work with your engineers, manufacturing floor and sub-contractors to build complete manufacturing drawing packages. When the project is done and you are caught up, you are not stuck with excess drafting capacity and employee expenses.

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Machinery conception and manufacturing planning

With close to 3 decades of taking concept to finish product experience I can help you take ideas or needs, from the sketchpad to the loaded truck. Projects ranging from an application change that needs re-design to a complete start from scratch “we need to build a”. MAS can help you work through the process of designing, planning the manufacturing procedures and even sourcing sub-contract 

Red Line Services

Most manufacturers need to spend CAD department time BUILDING NEW so red lines can pile up or worse yet get repeated several times costing time, materials, and money while the pile of red lined drawings collects dust. MAS can take your red lines and implement them into revised cad files, models, or printed drawings.

MAS will work with your needs to provide red lined revisions in a wide range of software or hard copies. MAS operates fully licensed versions of Solidworks, Auto-CAD Inventor and the complete Adobe suite of programs. We can take you coffee-stained red line drawings and return files that match your software or hard copies to be utilized on the shop floor.