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What does interactive SPares do

Interactive SPares is a complete software solution for the online management of your spare parts catalogue, after sales services and technical assistance. Interactive SPares is an advanced system to manage information on the products which allows manufacturing companies to process all spare parts and after sales enquiries in a complete and centralized manner.

What MAS  can offer you

MAS provides technical support for Interactive Spares™ as well as content creation for iSP users. MAS offers a wide range of support, content, and management plans for the iSP portals. Interactive Spares provides interactive web based portals that are incredibly well planned and functional. You can build and load content using your engineering and sales staff or MAS can help in the following ways:

Technical support

MAS provides fast and efficient technical support from North America to iSP users worldwide via email or phone. MAS is more than a promoter of iSP we are a customer and user operating with iSP portals every day giving us the practical knowledge to expedite the answers to any problem you face.

Content creation

It doesn’t matter what document form your materials are in, MAS can make eye popping content for you. If you have hand sketches, we can make 3D models, if you have 3D models, we can transform them into clickable highlighting components with BOM connected exploded views. MAS also offers a wide range of visual content creation to be used in your new spare parts portal. Whether you want basic black and white sketches or rendered color exploded views, MAS can make it for you.

Portal Implementation

If you have a single product that only needs a few parts or a complete line of manufactured machinery with hundreds of serial numbers, customers and thousands of BOM item…MAS has been there and done that. We can do everything from creating the categories of machinery to linking sub-assemblies to main assemblies or creating serialized finish product that links to standardized sub-assemblies. Then we can train your staff to load details such as prices and manage the portal or we can even do that part for you as well.

Portal Management & Content Creation Plans

MAS portal management plans are based on our experience managing portals, but customized plans are available. These plans include all aspects of the MAS services from data entry to graphics creation.


  • 3 hours/Month
  • This management service is designed to help your company keep up with changes and updates. We know for small companies YOUR TIME IS WHAT MATTERS. We have designed this plan to keep you working on what you are good at, not changing someone’s password or adding a part here and there . The plan includes the “hours roll over” feature


  • 10 Hours/Month
  • This plan is for those companies who have limited additions and changes every month, or after a complete portal has been implemented. This plan is based on general management such as customers and password maintenance, BOM and price list updating and occasional part or machine additions. MAS provides 10 Hours per month of management with a roll over feature that ensures you do not lose those hours.


  • 20 Hours/Month
  • This plan is designed for companies who are growing and consistently adding products to the portal or want to budget loading a significant amount of existing machinery. With the growth plan MAS provides 20 hours per month with the “hours roll over” feature included.

Would you like a Customized Plan?

MAS portal management plans are based on our experience managing portals, but customized plans are available, contact us!

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